I have found my calling.

It has been two weeks since I started my teaching job and I absolutely love it. I teach 4th graders who are learning 5th grade math. My class is a bright group and I am so blessed to be their teacher. 

There are many challenges when it comes to teaching young kids, but time and experience will only make it better. There’s satisfaction when a student is struggling and towards the end of the day they feel confident because they understand what was confusing them.

I explained to my boss that I eventually want to teach and the best part is that she is willing to help me become a better teacher. It’s very difficult to break down how to add, subtract, multiply for 9 year olds. Especially when you think it’s so simple. I have to have that mindset that they don’t know anything.  However, I find my class teaching me a lot of new things and that is why I love my job so much. 


Doctors aren’t always right. 

So, I recently went to see a specialist, a neurologist to be exact about my new symptoms I’ve been experiencing. Muscle weakness, numbness, tingling, early fatigue. It turns out that doctors aren’t always right.

She explained to me that an MRI that was taken in 2011 was abnormal. The doctor had no note on it, it was noted as unremarkable. I have a degenerative disease because my cervical spine has an abnormal curvature. In 2011, I have shown signs of wear and tear because of the way I was born. This means I will experience arthritis at an earlier age than others. Now, if these results were discussed with me, I could have known the reasons of my symptoms.

I have always been spastic. Meaning, I have high muscle tone, my muscles contract at a higher rate. That makes me clumsy, easier to trip or fall, drop things etc. The neurologist just prescribed me a medication to ease the spasticity in my muscles. I was diagnosed with spastic cerebral palsy as a toddler and it is only now have I ever heard of this medication. This specific neurologist performed a nerve  conduction study on my dominant arm in 2012, which of course turned out normal. She brought up a question, “Is that why they say you have fibromyalgia?” She was referring to my pain and symptoms. She explained to me how at my age, this needs to be connected to an existing problem which I’ve known I had since I was born. 

My brain was wired differently, and I learned motor functions at a different rate. 

 She also said doctors tend to say fibromyalgia when they cannot explain the reasons for pain in specific areas.  Now,  I had this fibromyalgia disease for 6 years and now… how do I adapt to that? 

I know I’ve always had a problem with my spine. I do still need an MRI for thoracic and lumbar since yes, I do have bony spina bifida.

I’m sorry if you do not know these terms but growing up I was really confused as doctors would throw diagnosis after diagnosis at me. But, my point is doctors aren’t always right. At a certain point they can be. I’ve seen specialists since I was a toddler. There’s always something they’ve missed. The best thing you can do is follow up with your heath, make appointments, ask questions, find a doctor who will find the root of your problem and become knowledgeable. Do the research. It is the only thing you can do for yourself to help learn what’s going on with your body. 

All in all, I’m pretty content with my healthcare but surprisingly, the one who has helped me the most is a physician assistant. I think that is why I’ve always wanted to be in the medical field. I was surrounded by doctors at such an early age and the hospital has become a second home to me. 

After you find out all the things that can go wrong, your life becomes less about living and more about waiting.

Chuck Palahniuk

You’re a teacher?

Some people ask why I teach. Some people ask why I dedicate my time to drive to students 30 miles away to tutor for just one hour. I get a real joy when my students gain confidence in themselves after a lesson. It is one of the best feelings I get from my job. 

I just got a job of teacher. I first applied as a tutor, but because of my experience they offered me a teaching job. My class consists of 10 very bright and spunky 4th graders. Some days I have two 5th graders join for my English lesson. Right now I am in training and probation period. However, I know I’ll like it here. 

When it comes teaching you’re not doing it for the money. You’re doing it for your students and contributing to their success. 

Eventually I want to be an instructor for a Diagnostic Medical sonography program. That’s the goal.